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Conferences & Courses
Strategic Resource Management Strategic Resource Management
November 2-3, 2015 | Philadelphia, PA
Strategic decision-making about resource acquisition, allocation, development, and optimization is key to maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s economy for leading life science companies.

Portfolio Management Portfolio Management
November 3-4, 2015 | Philadelphia, PA
Portfolio management is a powerful strategic tool to increase R&D capabilities, innovation, and company growth for today’s leading life science companies.

Life Science Media Library
Impact of Affordable Care Act and the Sunshine Act on Industry Impact of Affordable Care Act and the Sunshine Act on Industry
February 4, 2013 |
In this DVD, we will discuss the new "sunshine provisions" in the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act ("PPACA") and its implications and effects on clinical trial operations. Key topics to be addressed: Insurance coverage and strategies to improve clinical trial enrollment What is the Sunshine Act and what are the company’s legal requirements? Opportunities in the Biosimilars FDA rules and changes in operations What are first steps and strategies to become compliant with state and federal laws? How can companies maintain flexibility in dealing with evolving legislation? What business processes and systems are involved? Implementation struggles: Centralization of all payments; FMV process and standardization and the effect Change Management with Study teams: The balance of compliance and challenges of patient recruitment, site shortage
Excellence in Project Evaluation and Portfolio Management Excellence in Project Evaluation and Portfolio Management
November 8, 2011 |
Portfolio analysis has a long history and good track record in life sciences R&D and new product development. The methodologies for project and program evaluation and portfolio optimization based on decision and risk analysis are, by now, well established in these areas, but there is still a concern among senior managers about many of the key metrics used, due to the long time frames and high risk in life sciences R&D. Excellent portfolio management requires that decisions get made on the portfolio evaluation, so how do these portfolio decisions really get made?
Accelerating Project Team Communications and Performance Accelerating Project Team Communications and Performance
October 5, 2011 |
This workshop focuses on leadership strategies and, in particular, improved communication in cross-functional teams. The ability to communicate effectively with many different types of people is a sought-after and highly marketable project management skill. It takes confidence, humility, patience and practice to do this well. Small changes in your interactions can lead to better communication, more understanding and a greater chance your messages will get across with accuracy and the unquestioned purity of intention. You will learn how to recognize each communication style by observing how different people deal with problems and challenges, procedures and constraints, preferred pace and consistence and use of body language, tone and words.

Publications, Reports, & Whitepapers
Vaccines: The End of Illness
This report analyzes recent trends in medicinal chemistry and evaluates their significance for advancing R&D productivity. We consider technological modalities and market dynamics, with an emphasis on outsourcing and user views on the implications of current practices.
Contract Research Organizations Market Survey 2014
New to Insight Pharma Reports is: Ocular Disorders: Rising Therapeutics, Technologies, and Devices. This report covers several companies and their approach to targeting ocular diseases including wet and dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) while also providing alternative therapeutic options for various ocular complications.

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